Killjoys Season One: The Post-Mortem

Okay, so Season One of Crinjoys, er, Killjoys is safely behind us. And the two words that best describe it are “wasted potential”. There was something terrifyingly wrong with every goddamned episode of this show, and only the two last episodes feebly attempted to correct the disastrously charted course. » 8/22/15 5:49pm 8/22/15 5:49pm

Check out this interactive Doctor Who tube map

Each regeneration of The Doctor is represented by a different coloured tube line. The stations are the baddies he meets on his journeys, with interchanges where more than one Doctor battled a particular enemy - Doctors two and three met The Ice Warriors, so their lines cross there, and it gets very complicated at the… » 4/03/13 7:54pm 4/03/13 7:54pm

2013 -- As Seen From 1988

The cover story of the April 3, 1988 Los Angeles Times Magazine predicts the L.A. of the year 2013, with illustrations by Syd Mead, and prognostications about fiber optic computer networks, smart cars, and domestic robots who talk like Slim Pickens. A quarter century later, a USC engineering professor looks at what… » 3/15/13 11:40pm 3/15/13 11:40pm