TMIT: Too Much Information Thursday

SNOW DAY! What do you do with a bonus day off of work? I realize some of you have probably never known a snow day but surely sometimes you get a day off that you weren't expecting for some reason. Just go with it, if that's the case. » 3/05/15 12:05pm Today 12:05pm

We've gotten more snow day delays and closings this semester than we ever did when…

Went out for breakfast with Mrs. Hatrack this morning to place we found last week: DGS Delicatessen. She had the French Toast with fresh strawberries and real maple syrup and I had the breakfast sandwich - corned beef, latke, fried egg, swiss cheese and a bit of hollandaise on a poppy seed challah bun. We got there… » 3/01/15 3:03pm Sunday 3:03pm